​​​Loving Missionary Baptist Church

"Extending A Loving Hand For Christ"

"When things in life are too hard for you,

they're just right for God. May our Lord and Savior continue to Bless you all."

And The Loving Missionary Baptist Church Family & Friends

"Come Fellowship with us as we try to become the people whom God has called us to be.  We believe that through the teaching and preaching of God's Word and the work of the Holy Spirit that lives are transformed.  When lives are transformed, families are healed and communities become better.  Come to where we are 'Extending A Loving Hand For Christ.'"

​​which brings us all together!

The Old Rugged Cross

​​​Leslie Mundy, First Lady

Christopher E. Mundy Sr., Pastor

Where the name on the outside...is what's found on the inside!!!